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During this photo shoot, I remember thinking how big my bump was, that I will not be fitting into these clothes for very long and how exciting it will be to find these creative ways of dressing and bringing the sass into my beautiful pregnant life. 15 weeks later and double the size, my preferred clothing option is a giant wrap around scarf tied in a knot resembling a sarong but less elegant. I couldn't have imagined getting such a big bump, but of course, I am growing a little baby human!  I have all the fans in the house and the air conditioner blasting cool air my way. I am feeling the kicks, pokes, rolls and twists of my little beauty growing inside my womb. I'm feeling constant urges to pee as my babe decides to snuggle into my bladder. And I am so very happy.  It was at the time of this photo that I started thinking about how I got here. How everything that I have done, has lead me to this point. How being a woman and now on my way to being a mama is one of the most important things I will ever do. I don't have separate facets. I am a blend of everything. For years I worked in an industry where it was encouraged to keep your personal and work life separate. I worked for over 20 years in the Human Services industry. We were taught to grow a thick skin, don't show emotion, have the "I've seen it all, you can't shock me!" attitude. And I have seen a lot, and it's sad and it's horrific. Some of the change needed is to be done outside of the 'system'. I have seen an incredible amount of trauma and pain associated with the barriers in the system that is supposed to support people.  I started to see some amazing things happening in the business world that really caught my attention. Business for Good. Business without the bureacracy and boundaries stopping them from taking action and really making a difference. It was at this moment that I asked the question: Do I keep pushing in a system that is broken and be the advocate it needs for change? or Do I take a different approach, learn what I can about business and make a difference in another way? I didn't know how or what, but the choice soon became clear.  Trust in myself, take a deep breath, and jump!