Queen Cherry Bomb is continuously inspired by badass women who have fought to express themselves creatively and say "Hell No" to mediocrity.


We strive for better.  


We celebrate the femme, the rebel, the siren, the vixen. The romantics, the misfits, the overtly feminine and everything in between. 


Since the conception of Queen Cherry Bomb, we have been lucky enough to meet and work with amazing women 💘 all over the world and the message we are hearing from those women and others is clear.


Women are demanding a solid bang for their buck with both the quality and fierce look they deserve.


QCB is joining a small handful of amazing women motorcycle wear boutiques who create fierce, bold gear that is defined by Woman.


We have been so inspired by icons of various times that we have named our kick ass leather after them.


We love your feedback, questions or just general chat!


With all my love,

Leah Cherrybomb
Founder & CEO 
Queen Cherry Bomb