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We celebrate Womxn: the Femme, the Rebel, the Siren, the Vixen. The Romantics, the Misfits, the Adventurers, and everything between. 

Queen Cherry Bomb is an Australian company that believes riding or street gear should compliment both your form and attitude.

We believe contributing to womxn and girls reaching their full potential, as defined by them. 

We started on this journey in 2019, thinking that business was about creating an amazing product. What we've learned is that THIS BUSINESS, Queen Cherry Bomb, is about something more.

Womxn don't ride motorcycles because they're a great product. Womxn ride motorcycles because of the emotions that can be evoked:

  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • And basically, Badassery

Queen Cherry Bomb is a high performance motowear brand for the modern day bombshell. With a crush on the 1950's, Queen Cherry Bomb flirts with design to create motowear to everyday casual wear.  We are huge believers in shaking up systems that don't work anymore - and the male dominated moto industry needs a shake up! 

Created from the feedback of real womxn riders, and merged with the iconic bombshells of yesteryear, our designs look killer, complementing the female form, keeping you safe and comfortable.

Queen Cherry bomb is focused on badass womxn who live life on two (or three) wheels. We cherish a shared passion for open road, twisties, tracks and city streets. It's a feeling that needs no explanation. You know exactly what I am talking about.  

That's what we strive to give every single one of our customers - not just "Hey this is a cool product" but a "HOLY SH*T this is SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE!!". And part of that cool experience? That everytime you purchase a product through Queen Cherry Bomb, we donate to one of the United Nations Sustainability Goals to help a girl live her best life. 

We do this through an organization called "Buy 1, Give 1". We believe that by using our collective purchase power, we can make a world of difference to girls across the world.

And that's our promise to you - to always seek to blow your socks off in the best possible way, while giving back to those who need it most.  

With all our love,

Queen Cherry Bomb