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Queen Cherry Bomb has teamed up with an amazing Female Founded Wellness business. BEUSAIL 


I am woman first. Since becoming pregnant I have been drawn to thinking about all the aspects of my life. At 42, I honestly didn't think I was going to be a mum. My limited BELIEFS told me I was too old, I left it too late, I had to choose between lifestyle, career, passion, etc. Ahhmm...listen here mind! That's B.S!

That's when I found BEUSAIL. Beusail does things differently. They are about BLENDING lifestyle, passion, purpose while making an IMPACT

I am woman first. I ride motorbikes, I love fashion, I'm a workaholic, I am a soon-to-be-mother, I am passionate about health and fitness, I am constantly challenging myself, I am driven to make a difference, I love wide open spaces and week long road trips, I love cities, coffee and endulging in great food, I love being an aunty, I love being glamorous. 

I am WOMAN first. 

Beusail is setting new standards in the beauty industry by encouraging consumers to ‘switch’ their purchases to one that is ethical. The range is Vegan, Cruelty free, Female-Founded, locally made and committed to Zero Waste.

Queen Cherry Bomb and Beusail help create positive impacts in the world. We have giving entrenched in all our products by partnering with Buy1Give1 and giving to the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 

To find out more go here.

That means every time YOU buy something, YOU are making a significant difference! 

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